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KakaIru Fest challenge: Chidori Round

A man in debt is so far a slave
Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Kakashi is a covert ops spy protecting Iruka, but they don't speak the same language
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Late but still sincere!

Belated but very heartfelt birthday wishes to the always dewy and yet wise fenikkusuken ! I miss you lady! 
 The best option of course, is not to take it personally and not to obsess. Scratch that, the best option involves a way back machine and a long talk with my younger self and, possibly, slapping my younger self around a little before directing said self to get out more. *sigh*
 My day has been held together by a variety of failures. At least I got the laundry done. 

Anniversary Notes

 - My husband remains freaking awesome. 

-Seaweed wraps not involve one looking like sushi. I was disappointed. They do, apparently involve one being wrapped up like a giant burrito and left to contemplate the ceiling. Yeah, won't be doing that again. 

-Full body massages remain awesome and the hot tea wrap on the feet only added to the nifty. 

-Can't go wrong at the prewpub. (Don't ask. On second thought, ask away!)
-Surprising amounts of life can be related to fan fiction. 

-"Rolling in Deep" by Adele and "F*** You" by Cee Lo are lovely in wildly differing ways.  
-Trains have several benefits. Planes on the other hand, are rarely held up by multiple rock slides during the trip. The bathrooms for both are like being in a really equipped coffin. 
-Beta knows best. (I knew it already but going back through what she pointed out, I cringed)
Also, last night I learned that:
-It is possible to power through sickness for three to four days but you will pay sooner or later. *sigh* I would rather be at work right now. 

 There is something infinitely amusing about a little boy poking his penis and saying, (unintelligible to anyone outside this house), "There it is!"
 New computer is new! And AWESOME!  My friend and my husband conspired to provide maximum nifty. 

Yay baked goods!

Eccles Cakes (by way of The London Ritz Book of Afternoon Tea by Helen Simpson. The stuff in italics is all me.)

175 g/1 cup currants
200 g/1 sheet frozen puff pastry 
125 g/1.5 cup caster sugar (regular sugar will do just fine)
a little milk and sugar for glazing 

Oven: 220 C/ 425 F

Grease a baking sheet. Pour boiling water over the currents, enough to cover them and leave them to steep. Meanwhile, roll out the the pastry quite thinly until it is about 30.5 cm (about 12 in) square. This will be made easier if you roll the pastry between sheets of wax or greaseproof paper. (I just flour the rolling surface and put a bit of flour on the top to keep the rolling pin from sticking.)
Stamp out 10 cm (4 inch) rounds with a cup of that diameter. Strain the water from the currents and stir in the sugar. Place a little spoonful of this mixture in the middle of a pastry circle. Damp the circle's edges with water and draw them together, pinching and nipping them closed so that it becomes a pouchy little bag of currants. Turn the bag over and with a rolling pin gently press the cake so that its diameter grows to 7.5-10 cm (3-4 inches) again. (Or as big as you can get it, I have a hard time getting them this flat. Also, be aware that the pastry may give and a little bit of currant juice may... spurt.)
You will see the currants through their pastry veil. Brush over one side, the better looking smoother side, with a little milk, then press it onto a plate of sugar. On this glazed sugared surface make three parallel slits with the tip of a sharp knife, (these are said to represent the Holy Trinity), and currents will peep through them, (make sure they do "peep through" or they won't quite rise right). Bake for 15-20 minutes, until golden.

Now, fenikkusuken , make with the chocolate oatmeal cookie recipe. I *love* oatmeal in baked goods.
 Low tech: Baking our bread from scratch.
High tech: Taking a picture of the dough with my camera phone so I don't have to guess whether or not it has doubled. 

For some reason that just tickles me. 
 Herbs planted in pots, all neat and pretty. We'll see if they deign to live!

In other news I have a temporary position that may pick up more hours or even become permanent. Yay for more hours. 




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